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My name is Beth and I am the editor and founder of Little Blue Book. We are a very small team consisting of myself and two other family members who also live locally.

We are really pleased to bring to you the online version of the Little Blue Book of Excellence. If you would like to receive your own copy of our directory then please contact us by sending an email to and we will get one sent out to you.

The idea for a directory of local businesses by recommendation only came after several years of poor experiences with ‘rogue traders’. Myself and many people that I know have experienced dubious working practices of trades people that have been engaged to carry out work.

On one occasion we were having a loft conversion and 2 weeks after parting company with the builders (due to poor workmanship and threatening behavior) we found over £11,000 had gone missing from our savings account. It transpired that the builder had employed contractors that had come into our home and stolen blank cheques (and the cheque stubs so we wouldn’t notice the missing cheques). They had subsequently cashed the cheques in a bank to steal our money.

On another occasion I had requested a quote from a double glazing company and arranged for a house visit at 6pm. At 11.30pm the salesmen was still in my house (I lived alone at the time) and was pressure selling to me and turned aggressive when I wouldn’t sign up to his ‘one time only’ deal.

I now live in Packington and I am very pleased to say that I look forward to using our Little Blue Book. During the time spent putting the book together I have met some lovely people and the feedback I have received for the services has been exceptional.

I hope you find the Directory useful and you enjoy the ease of finding and using excellent local businesses!

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