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Why is the Little Blue Book of Excellence different from an advertising magazine?
The Little Blue Book is a directory of recommended businesses that customers know they can trust to deliver an excellent service. The Little Blue Book is not an advertising magazine, where businesses pay differing amounts depending on the space they wish to buy. Our aim, is for the Little Blue Book of Excellence to be the first point of reference for all local services.

Is there a maximum number of entries per category?
We will only allow a maximum of 6 listings per category. By doing this the customer has a good choice and range of businesses to contact but not too many that businesses will not be seen and considered.

Can a business have a listing in more than one category?
If a business wishes, it is possible to have a listing in more than one category. We would be happy to discuss this on an individual basis. The references would need to reflect both aspects of the business (e.g. kitchen fitting and plumbing)

How much does it cost to have a listing in the directory?
If a business is successful in getting a listing in the Little Blue Book, the cost for one year is £155 per entry. This includes the following:

1. A write up for your business - unique selling points, quotes from   recommendations, information on the services you offer etc
2. Free listing on our website (including a link to your business’ website).
3. Distribution of the book by Royal Mail
4. Facebook, Twitter and local marketing campaign of the book
5. Being part of a team of businesses known for excellence and value
6. Being part of the local business directory with the largest distribution