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Although we are confident that the featured businesses will provide excellent service and value for money we are not the agents of any of the businesses listed. We would always advise making your own enquiries by checking on memberships, trade associations, other relevant bodies and independent references. If we can assist in this in anyway please contact us for guidance.
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Financial Services
* Our Financial Services businesses are members of FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

Kind Financial Services
tel: 01332 812250  mob: 07758781574

Johan is your contact and he is passionate about the peace of mind he brings to people and their families. Kind Financial Services specialise in life, critical illness and mortgage protection insurance. Johan will firstly analyse your financial needs, then put a plan together that will bring peace of mind and security to you and your family. With nearly 20 years experience Johan has many happy customers that trust him, and the service he delivers. There is no cost to the customer for Johan's services and the great deals on insurance he can provide are extremely competitive.
Opal Financial Management
mob: 07870 898474

Hannah has been working in Financial Services for more than 25 years and has a lot of experience and expertise to offer. Hannah has passion for providing unbiased financial advice and helping individuals to achieve their goals in life.  She can help you with investments and savings, life and critical illness cover, pensions, estate planning, general insurance and mortgages. Hannah specialises is mortgages and will carry out extensive research to find you the best product for your needs. A free 1 hour consultation is avaiable to meet Hannah and discuss your requirements.
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