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Cat Boarding

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Highfield Cat Hotel

123 Chapel Street, Ibstock, Leics, LE67 6HG
Tel: 01530 260928   


It is hard to choose a holiday home for your beloved cat.  You can rest assured that Highfield Cat Hotel is the right place for your furry family member(s).  The chalets are very spacious, all being double size, with substantial outside space.  Even the family chalets, which cater for three or more residents, are larger than you would normally expect.

Every cat receives a lot of love and attention from Highfield Cat Hotelís staff and have access to a wide variety of food choice, to suit even the fussiest of felines.  The owner lives on the premises and all little guests are supervised 24 hours a day.  The cat hotel is never left unattended.
In addition to the well trained regular members of staff, Highfield Cat Hotel also employs equally well trained cat-loving students to provide extra fuss during busy periods.  Whether your cat is fun loving, social, antisocial, nervous or a bit on the wild side, all temperaments are catered for and welcome.  Cats on medication, including insulin, are happily and the staff have an excellent relationship with the local vets.  Book early, because cat-owners travel far and wide to place their beloved cats here.