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Although we are confident that the featured businesses will provide excellent service and value for money we are not the agents of any of the businesses listed. We would always advise making your own enquiries by checking on memberships, trade associations, other relevant bodies and independent references. If we can assist in this in anyway please contact us for guidance.
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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Back 2 New Carpets
tel: 01530 440314 mob: 07581 751615 

Here at Little Blue Book of Excellence we are so pleased to have Back 2 New Carpets in our book. Harry Barnett is your contact and we think it would be hard to find a nicer person to come and clean you carpets and upholstery. His prices are really fantastic and his results outstanding. Harry is passionate about carpet cleaning and has various techniques for different types of carpets and upholstery cleaning needs. He is also fully insured.
"Our carpets look almost new again, I can't believe the stains and dirt he managed to get out! I'll definitely be telling my friends about him, he was an absolute pleasure to meet" Carla, Packington
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