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Although we are confident that the featured businesses will provide excellent service and value for money we are not the agents of any of the businesses listed. We would always advise making your own enquiries by checking on memberships, trade associations, other relevant bodies and independent references. If we can assist in this in anyway please contact us for guidance.
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Grime 2 Shine

Tel: 07859 937719

You would have to go a long way to find a car valeting company as thorough as Malcolm's.  Little Blue Book staff have tried and tested this service and can personally vouch for Grime 2 Shine.  We have also seen the Grime 2 Shine mobile outside the homes of several other local residents.  Malcom’s attention to detail is unrivalled.  He will leave your car looking and smelling amazing inside and out.  We were also very impressed by Malcom’s rates. For the extensive job he does his prices are very reasonable.